Fashion diary: Loose-fitting trends


Loose-fitting trends have been around and topping up the charts of choices in ready to wear fashion and bridal.   Tall, slim and leggy women suit the look best however some apparels are workable on other body shapes as well.  Our favourite designer in bridal at the moment has to be Delphine Manivet who has created many fashionable and beautiful bridal wear for popular celebrities and brides.  


Delphine's collections also incorporate many elegant loose-fitting dresses that we love.  These looks showcase different ways a woman can feel naturally beautiful.

Images: Delphine Manivet


Real passion, real photography


Sophie Delaveau came from a town in the Loire Valley called Tours, the centre of France that is well known for the beautiful Châteaux de la Loire and Jardins à la Française. Living in the west coast of France near the ocean with her dog and cat, it's a wonderful place to live with fresh air, nature, and traditional architecture with old stones. It is absolutely a  beautiful wild landscape. 

Like some other French locals whom I have spoken to, Sophie would like foreign people to know France as not only Paris, but other beautiful parts of France as well. France is a beautiful country that offers such different and beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, traditions, ways of life and it is crucial to the locals that those elements are being known to travellers.


In 2007, Sophie left everything behind to make her passion her full time job. She wanted to do something she loved and could be proud of. Sophie has since been photographing weddings, portraits and other types of photography which she enjoys capturing her own signature of photographing couples, children or her clients.  

Enjoying our profession is key to enjoying life.  Sophie is a perfect example that we all can see through her photos.  View more of her work in our Inspirations menu.

Images: Sophie Delaveau Photographe


A heart shaped France

Some people asked me what is my inspiration and drive in creating Le Style, and I always pause before asnwering because I would get the thought and memories I have with France and the people I have known there that has made a big heart shape in my heart, I'd smile and say France has a big place in my heart.  Period. xoxo


The LANE of all things beautiful

My experience working with LANE has been memorable.  The one word that comes to my mind when thinking of LANE is belle.  I know that I can trust the outcome in doing a project with the LANE team would be tres tres belle


As a designer-turned-Le Style director, I know how important it is for brides to have a source that is reliable and chic such as LANE.  A unique bridal website rich in fashion-forward content & styling inspiration. LANE connects brides with a handpicked selection of the most sought after brands & services in the industry.  LANE is a chic, cutting edge bridal website set to revolutionise the wedding industry. 


I am so thrilled that they have branch out their services including their own event styling services, wedding objects hire and I'm sure they will continue to surprise  us with more things beautiful!  From my heart, I say félicitations to the LANE team who has done so well.  Visit their website and Facebook page today.  I shall end this article with the owner of LANE, Karissa's notes on her passion about her gorgeous work.


"LANE is not your average wedding website. We won’t sell you cheesy done-to-death wedding themes, or scare you with pageant style gowns and kitten heels. More importantly, we won’t promote just any brand willing to throw a few dollars our way for advertising.

LANE is the wedding industry’s definitive online fashion directory.  We’re discerning about who advertises with us because we know what appeals to stylish brides. The designers that grace our pages are leaders in wedding fashion, our directory is a handpicked selection of the industry’s most sought after vendors- meaning brides can rest assured their weddings are in the hands of true professionals.


Inspired by my own experience as a bride and event stylist, LANE is the breath of fresh air I felt the wedding industry desperately needed. LANE is cutting edge bridal fashion. It's raw, honest articles. It's beautiful content that moves and inspires you. But most importantly it's about real emotion, real passion, and real connections with our audience. 

My goal is to bring a new perspective to wedding planning, to break away from typical bridal fashion, done-to-death styling and help brides dream up a wedding that is completely unique to them. Style is personal. It’s about embracing who you are as individuals and allowing this to be reflected in every element of your wedding, from fashion to décor, to photography. It’s the passion and imagination a wedding exudes that makes it truly unique- the kind of stuff that gives you goose bumps.  Style is the heart and soul behind the LANE brand.

We promise you will fall in love with every brand we feature and spend every waking moment swooning over our unique wedding style inspiration." - Karissa 


Images: The LANE


Tour Paris to Provence!

Introducing Paris to Provence

Baguettes, foie gras, caviar, chocolate, cheese and wine. When I think of France, it is the traditions of food and cooking that come to mind. For a dozen years Diane Shaskin and Mark Craft have been exploring Paris and Provence.  And now they’ve created week-long culinary tours to show case the best of each region.

On their intimate culinary adventures travelers meet and connect with an array of passionate artisans: cheese makers, chefs, wine growers and specialty food producers. 

What happens on a tour?

The Paris tours begin with a champagne welcome and a cooking class on the left bank, where French bistro dishes are made and enjoyed in the dining room overlooking the Seine. Every day the small group ventures from the boutique hotel: to bake bread with a Parisian boulanger, taste champagne with caviar at a 100-year-old caviar restaurant, and learn secrets of French cuisine at a private cooking class at the Ritz.

The Provence tours are headquartered at a charming villa close to the wine village of Beaumes-de-Venise. The small group enjoys regional food and wines, and explores the Provençal countryside: visiting local markets and hilltop villages, picnicking in the vineyards of the Côtes-du-Rhône and a meal at a Michelin-starred bistro.

Each tour is limited to eight travelers.

When do the tours take place?

There are weekly tours scheduled for fall 2011. The 2012 schedule will be available soon.  To find out more about the tours, itineraries, accommodations and schedules visit their website Paris to Provence.

Special offers for our readers

Mention you’re a reader of Le Style and you will receive a 100 Euro discount when you book any tour.  

Can’t make it to a tour?  Get a free copy of their e-book, The  Paris Luxury Food Guide, 2011 Edition. It’s packed with all the essential luxury food addresses that you’ll need in Paris.  To get the free guide simply go their website and sign up.  View more photos of Paris to Provence on our Inspirations menu!


Images:  Paris to Provence


Romantically involved

For those who appreciate the traditional style of weddings at a chateau and taking photos where many photographers have taken gazillion times, what are the choices left for those of us who are different and fun?  How do we create that wedding album that we will keep for life and show to generations and yet keep it romantic and beautiful?


I love the photos taken by Stephan Ermisse who brought the newly wed couple here to normal places with their beautiful wedding outfits and yet creating that fun, normal day feel.  It is absolutely fabulous seeing the bride looking and behaving like herself in a white wedding gown, having the time of her life with her better half.


A member of The Wedding Photojournalist Association, Stephan delighted us with a modern age photography and yet still embraces the romantic side of the couple.  To contact Stephan for your special day photography, you can visit his website where all his contact details are as well as his fantastic portfolio.

Images:  Stephan Ermisse


DIOR VIII Collection

Images: Dior

“Black and white might well suffice but why deprive oneself of colour?” - Christian Dior


Guest Blogeuse - Slavica Monczka: Plan A Special Rendez-Vous in Paris

Just imagine for a moment, you’re in Paris with your boyfriend, who wanted to surprise you by chartering a private jet to whisk you off to Monaco for the day. While enjoying the alluring city of Monte Carlo and gazing onto the coastline, he has yet another surprise. He stands in front of you, takes your hands gently, stares into your eyes, goes down on one knee and asks, “will you marry me?” Could there be anything more romantic?

Back in France, another fairytale is about to come true in the most picturesque chateaux one could ever imagine. A bride walking down the aisle arm in arm with her father, looks around, and feels blessed by all the family and friends who were able to share in her big day. Staring into her soon-to-be husband’s eyes from a distance, she thinks to herself “my dream has come true.” How enchanting is this?

Photo by One & Only Paris Photography

These are two real stories from wedding and event-planning company Rendez-Vous in Paris has been a part of. Still growing in popularity are destination weddings for numerous reasons. Brides have said that it is actually less stressful and easier to plan a wedding out of town. Your guest list is smaller thus more intimate as many people cannot afford the time and money spent attending as a guest a wedding in another city or country. 
Many couples end up extending their stay beyond the wedding as a honeymoon, while some guests often make this a vacation of a lifetime. However, there are challenges when trying to organize such an event out of town, so you call on the local professionals to help. If your wedding happens to be in France, you call only the best in the biz, Rendez-Vous in Paris. 

With years of experience, they have nailed down the crème de la crème of the best venues, caterers, photographers, and the rest of the long list of needed things to make your day just perfect. 
“Planning a destination wedding is exciting but requires some knowledge of the destination and what is has to offer. Any wedding requires preparation, and with a distinctive destination wedding in France, there are language and cultural barriers as well as time differences,” explained by Heather Jerue, owner and founder of Rendez-Vous in Paris.

As you may imagine, Jerue has been privy to organize the most lavish parties, for people who’s names we cannot mention here though you would certainly recognize. Such over the top and unique parties are how clients want their event remembered. While extravagant weddings are a large portion of events they plan, they are not the only. The company does arrange other low-key parties for baby showers, businesses, bachelor (ette), and birthdays.

Bachelorette party you say? Do tell more! Jerue goes on describing the event she planned for this soon to be bride and her entourage as “a mix of chic and less classy. The day started with champagne mimosas, followed by a surprise ‘Drawing Atelier’ in a light filled studio where the girls had the opportunity to sketch a gorgeous naked male model. The group headed to a famous Parisian strip club, to learn pole dancing. Then the bride was taken to the spa, where she enjoyed the talents of the Dior Institute, the sumptuous spa in the Plaza Athenee Hotel. They went to the very chic Pershing Hall lounge for drinks, followed by a light dinner on a rooftop terrace, and some embarrassing karaoke in a dive bar, and finished the night in one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris.”

The tables will be turned on Jerue as she is now engaged to be married. Where oh where shall their wedding be? If we are all dreaming to travel to France for such a memorable event, where do they dream of going for the big day? 

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. - Voltaire

A bientot mes amies!
Xx Slavica


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