Le Style magazine launching early 2012

Photographe: The White Tree pour Le Style

Stay tuned to more French chic, food and lifestyle on our launch issue of Le Style magazine.  Launching in early 2012.


Expanding our French love


Tea connoiseurs

What would Paris be without its tea salons?  Many associate this city with its famous cafes and bars, but the tea salons are just as enchanting.  Places like Laduree have become famous the world over (Sofia Coppola loved its pastel colour palette so much she replicated it for her film Marie Antoinette), but there are dozens of others that are wonderful to while away a few hours in.  

Order a tea and some delicious macarons, write that postcard and experience Paris at a different pace. We are holding our next French tea rendezvous (L'heure du The) in 2012 and would like to thank all bon vivants who support us tremendously.  

Discovering the Parisian spirit.  

Paris is far more than a city.  It is an irresistable, enthralling source of inspiration and fascination; an urban wunderkammer bulging with the unusual, the whimsical, the magical and the memorable.

Because of this, the place has become something of a modern mecca for the world's aethetes and creative innovators, who make the pilgrimage here each year to witness its splendid displays and quirky collections, discover new ideas and insights, and generally indulge in a bit of French flânerie (or what's otherwise known as 'rambling the rues in search of new style'). - Janelle McCulloch


Partnering with some of Paris's talented photographers and passionate correspondents, we are happy to be publishing our first issue of Le Stylezine.   Le Stylezine is a magazine covering topics on French lifestyle, fashion, interior, business and more.  It can be accessed online on our website (www.lestyle.org) and printed upon request.  Catch our fresh first issue due to be out in early 2012.  

Photographe: lestyletea.tumblr.com


A Parisian chic winter wedding

One good thing about having your wedding in winter, if you live where it snows, especially a flamboyant nature, the background of snow. You feel if you live in a place without snow when it comes to the festival yet, simply because you can create a magical atmosphere in the place to hold your wedding party, it is okay.

Candle is a great decoration for a winter wedding. You are a variety of shapes and styles, you can buy loads of them. They can be lit in one area you have to create a romantic mood. Or, you can use glass candle holder in the haze for a different color.

 Best Wedding Decor


Star, heart, snowflake confetti, and also, you can create a romantic mood for holiday celebrations. Thus, while all guests are happy excitement, nostalgic, romantic look and feel.
Such pine cones, mistletoe, holly leaves, poinsettias, berries, pomegranate, evergreen, to take advantage of natural elements can be seen outside as eucalyptus and ivy. The other seasons are natural elements that you do not have one thing to another, outside the snow is white.

Your color motif of red, green, white, ice blue, silver, must reflect the colors of Christmas such as gold. Please select a color combination and ornaments of these colors or these. If the theme of White Christmas, selecting the color of gold and silver and white theme is a winter wonderland, ice blue and white, silver or gold color contains a theme and a traditional red, green , white, silver or gold are included.

 Parisian Events

 One and Only Paris Photography

Another colorful decorations for a romantic winter wedding is bell. Do you want to connect to a bouquet of ribbons and they include most of the bells, you can give them as wedding favors or. Your guests can also use these acts for their Christmas tree ornaments.

The reception area is a large place, and some things several small Christmas trees. Are you a souvenir you can hang a large Christmas tree, you can hang a string of Christmas lights all around it.

Another great for your winter wedding, unique decoration is a magnificent ice sculptures. It can be sculpted for tying those knots or related to women and men, weddings and Christmas. This will impress your guests will certainly be talk of the town of your wedding.

- Best Wedding Decor


A Parisian escape at Antoinette


Since we know of this great interior-designed French cafe/restaurant in Singapore named after Marie Antoinette, we couldn't wait to experience what seemed an authentically-decorated Parisian cafe/restaurant who displays an array of the French signature patisseries.  We decided on starting the day with petit-déjeuner at Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery Singapore) last week.  

Upon arrival, guests are enticed by their delightful range of Saint Honore L'Amour, Versailles, Le Royale, Antoinette (bien sur!) and many more.  We were seated to our chaise longue surrounded with a mix of baroque and French decor.  I was ready to dig in one (or more!) of the desserts eventhough it was just before noon!

Le Royale

  Saint Honore L'Amour

The Saint Honore L'Amour was absolutely delightful and the macarons were such fresh little beauties.  This is as good as it gets.  Nothing could be better than an oeufs florentine with a special topping of shaved black truffles.  Délicieux..
This feminine eatery attracts many ladies for its obvious elegant charm and Parisian decor.  Located in Mandarin Gallery Singapore, alongside many other luxurious brands, we would love to come again to Antoinette for another decadent experience.  It's not often that a cafe/restaurant to offer a beautiful escape to Paris.  Bravo!


Bonjour Singapour!

Le Style explores Singapore!  This little cosmopolitan city in asia has been having many secret hiding spots for food, fashion and special events.  It is a must for us to explore this city that mixes modernization with traditional cultures.  C'est exotique!  


We've been invited to visit a few French places here which will be posted on our blog.  French style has certainly been loved and practised in Singapore and we're excited to interview these talents and cultures.  Stay tuned and bon week-end!


Photographe: Antoinette (http://www.antoinette.com.sg/)


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