Cycle Chic

What's the coolest-looking thing about the biker girls of Paris? Probably just the sheer number of them. The more there are, the more they stand out. And thanks to the vélib program, taking out and returning a bike is a faster and easier operation than locking one up with your own bike chain. And they sport baskets, to boot! It can be one's primary mode of transportation, or a spur-of-the-moment ride.

While Melbourne is in Spring season, we are in a cycle chic spell.  Reid Cycles has great selection of ladies bikes and accessories for all your needs. Don't let any dress code be a hindrance to your bike riding, anything goes and that's what make this cycle chic look fabulous. Put on your Louboutins!

Images: The Sartorialist | Bill Cunningham


Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and a Frenchie

Following up on the recent New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion Week after-party amongst fashionistas in Twitter-lounge, it's only natural for us to team up with Rom Anthonis from Rom Anthonis Photography and Nerida Beardsell from ntdesigns Make-Up Artistry & Hair Styling for un photoshoot.  

Rom has a fantastic sharp eye on details to his photography and a great admiration on his work has been going for too long.  Having been partners for various fashion and event projects, Nerida and Rom joint forces with Le Style in creating a photoshoot featuring Sha Anderson, the director of Le Style.

Mixing a few of her favourite things - Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Frenchie named Daisy; the location was perfectly set at the stunning, The Albany by 8hotels.  The Albany is on one of South Yarra's prettiest little streets on Millswyn Street which has only the best regular and new guests who have been charmed by its amazing exterior upon discovery.  Check out its chic interior styling here!  As part of 8Hotels Collection you can also stay at the Paris8 Apartments located in the heart of the Marais, the Louvre, Montmartre, Montogueil and the Latin Quarter.  Book your reservations here.

L'heure du Thé event that we produce each year are in the process of exciting new heights for the following year onwards.  We are working towards celebrating with friends and fans in major cities in future!  Thank you to all press and reviews that we received from all wonderful individuals who appreciate French allure.  Le Style supports bloggers and beautiful luxurious elegance in black and white in Le Style l'edition noir et blanc Spring Edition.

Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling: Nerida Beardsell | Facebook Page
Wardrobe: Wrap top and wrap glitter skirt; vintage jewellery and black fur coat - model’s own | snake leather heels by Jimmy Choo | handbag by Louis Vuitton.
Models: Daisy the Frenchie, Sha Anderson director of LE STYLE and L’heure du Thé 
Location: The Albany 


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