French Bonboniere ideas

One of the things I love about going to weddings or any special events is, the souvenir, the give-away, or the beautiful little bonboniere for me to remember that special event.  It's crucial to plan for this little thank you gift for your guests as it marks the day not only for you, but for everyone to remember and appreciate.

It can be chocolates, flowers, or so much more nowadays with creativity levels soaring from every wedding planners, tv reality shows and brides themselves.  The concept behind bonboniere, originated in France, around 300 years ago, when a small box of sweets (the French word - bonbons) was given away to guests on happy occasions. Over time the idea spread to other parts of Europe, and in particular to Italy and Greece.  

In Melbourne, you can find many beautiful ideas to create your own bonboniereA little piece of Paris is a fabulous special events planner company that allows you to work with them on your preference on that little momento gift.  Ranging from pure and pretty flower boxes to perfume bottles, you can view all their services here.  They also have a sister site worth visiting called The Style Co. where they style weddings such as invitations and more.  C'est magnifique..

Images: The Style Co. / A little piece of Paris


Photographiez Votre Histoire

The aim in bringing France to wherever you are is one of the main focus of Le style Français.  We want you to celebrate in style.  In true French fashion.  This brings back to one of my thrills when Stephanie Bailly came to me.  Stephanie has one of the most impressive professional experiences that one can have in Paris and she has brought along her talent and love for photography in Melbourne.

As a lead photographer of her production company, Photographiez Votre Histoire,  Stephanie loves capturing the essence of one's special day with a sense of realism in a photojournalistic style.  Her approach appears relaxed and spontaneous, and her sincere and lovable personality makes her the perfect photographer for your wedding.  

Having produced stories for high fashion magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan, Stephanie continues to work in fashion, advertising, music, art and now wedding and family portraiture.  Harking from Paris, the City of Love, your French touch to your event is guaranteed with what Photographiez Votre Histoire can offer.  Visit the work of Stephanie Bailly today and look at our Inspirations page where she inspires us.


LA et Paris - Juliane Berry Photographie

An international fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris, Juliane Berry Photography is one you have to know.  Juliane has done many photography throughout California and Europe, and exhibited her photographs in Los Angeles.  

There are photographers who are talented in taking great photos for your special day, but I personally love Juliane's work because she truly captures the story when you look at the photos, and I think this is one of the success she has in exhibiting her work in LA.  She manage to catch the important shots where you will get what really happened including the emotions, which I think is amazing.

Juliane shoots film and digital and most of her work is shot traditionally with film and then individually custom printed on archival paper.  Juliane has also mastered the art of hand painting black and white gelatin silver photographs with oils, a dying art practiced since 1860 and now on the verge of extinction.

The images on our Inspirations are my favourites of Juliane's photography.  The first time I saw these photos was when I was out and about, and although I was looking through them on my handphone, I was moved by the beauty of the location, the emotions that took place, and by that, I think Juliane Berry is one you have to contact for your wedding, honeymoon, engagement, anniversary or simply photoshoots that you have to have to celebrate your love with your partner.

Images: Juliane Berry Photography


Lanvin Clutch

A beautiful Lanvin clutch bag for your special day or not! Absolutely fabulous.  Click on the clutch bag to purchase or view further details.


Photo du jour

Image: Jeff Leatham

Flower Power

Besides his dashing looks we can't pass by Jeff Leatham's work without being in awe.  His work is a very well-known one amongst celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Oprah Winfrey and Kylie Minogue showcasing extravagant, beautiful decor using flowers in a fabulous artistic way for special events.  Jeff is the Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris and has been the guy to look for in decorating gorgeous events.

There is a rising industry of artistic work in things that some people wouldn't think about and it is flower artistry.  Florists in this age have definitely shown a great creativity with flowers turning them into a fabulous piece of head pieces, accessories and a wonderland for your room of event.

Use this artistic flower power for that special room and take your guests in another wonderland with a roomful of real gorgeous flowers.  Use it as accessories, a goodie mini basket or give-awayer and the list is endless.

Photos: Jeff Leatham


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